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 Concealed Carry


Illinois Concealed Carry License – CCL

Before you sign up for CCW classes, consider the following:  Suburban P.I. Inc. is incorporated, insured, a memeber of the Better Business Bureau (A+ rating), a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and the DuPage County Bar Association, and Detective Yahnke is a Director of the DuPage County Bar Foundation.  Our instructors can qualify as expert witnesses in criminal, civil, and federal court and can testify on your behalf if you have an incident.

 Suburban P.I. Inc. offers the serious gun owner a professional, fast paced, informative training experience. Our instructor core of both men and women consists of Law Enforcement professionals, M.B.A. Executives, N.R.A. instructors, and Private Security Specialists. Suburban P.I. instrucors are certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations, the N.R.A., the Illinois State Police and Singleton International.  Our Illinois Concealed Carry curriculum is certified and licensed by the Illinois State Police.

 The Illinois Firearm Owners Identification (F.O.I.D.) card is required for application for your Illinois Concealed Carry License (C.C.L.) though you can attend our training while your F.O.I.D. application is in process. Call the Suburban P.I. office for details.

Our unique approach to Illinois Concealed Carry instruction includes two phases of training: 

1. In Phase One, we utilize the time tested N.R.A. Basics of  Pistol Shooting course for those shooters who require 12 or 16 hours of training. This eight hour, fast paced, unit of instruction includes:

Firearms safety



Basic principles of marksmanship

Everything you’ll need to know to own and operate your gun safely and with efficiency!

We wrap up this phase of instruction with our very own Skills and Drills program, utilizing a state of the art laser training system designed to hone your basic marksmanship skills.

This N.R.A. training is offered exclusively online by the N.R.A. and typically takes from 6-8 hours to complete.  You can complete the training at your leisure and in the confort of your own home.  Please contact Suburban P.I. Inc. for registration information and for greater details.

2. Our Phase Two training meets the State requirements for shooters who have had "approved" prior training, and who now need specific training for concealed carry certification in Illinois. This eight hour unit of instruction revolves around the legal requirements of “The Act;” use of force; the ownership, sale, transport, and transfer of firearms; and the State’s qualification shoot. This informative, thought provoking, and intense phase of instruction will leave you better prepared legally, emotionally, and spiritually  to make that critical decision.

Location of Classes

Training clases are held at the Suburban P.I. Inc. corporate headquarters, located at 75 Executive Dr. In Aurora, IL., typicaly on the second Sunday of each month.  Check for upcoming dates and times.

Click here to see our Upcoming Classes or to see a list of training credits approved by the Illinois State Police.

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