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Asset / Income Locator


Employment or Income Source

This search returns the search subject’s current employment or income source even if the search subject is receiving unemployment insurance benefits, is disabled and receiving compensation, or is self employed. An additional search can provide employment history, usually from the past 3-7 years.

Asset / Income Location Report

Suburban P.I. detectives may need the search subject’s full name, current address, Social Security Number, FEIN, bank or credit card numbers to conduct a full asset and income search. If you do not have the full information required, please contact our office to assist in obtaining the information needed. Additional fees may apply.

The purpose of these reports is to help your attorney pinpoint his target for subpoenas to obtain information for court proceedings or negotiations. Contact our office for further details, or check our web page for financial rules and regulations governing the scope of our searches.

Personal Bank Location Report

Suburban P.I. detectives can find any bank account titled under the search subject’s name and S.S.N. Your report will tell you the type of account and the current balance on the account. Bank account transaction information may be obtained under certain conditions allowable by law.

Business Bank Location Report

This search requires the full legal name of the company, current address, Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), and the name of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This search returns all bank accounts matching the FEIN and gives the types of accounts and current balances.

Brokerage Report

This search requires the search subject’s name, Social Security Number, and current address. Suburban P.I. detectives will search the top 50 brokerage firms in the United States and will report all accounts located, including balances from the closing of the previous business day.

Credit/Bank Card Transaction Report

Card number, search subject’s name and Social Security Number are required to obtain card activity information. The report includes the store name, location and date of transaction. If you do not have the search subject’s card information, contact our office for assistance

National Asset, Bank, and Brokerage Report

Suburban P.I. detectives can put together a combination package to provide national coverage of all registered assets including a verified address, Social Security Number, spouse, employment, national bank search, credit analysis, judgments, liens, real estate, vehicles, boats, and air planes — all on one report!

Vehicle Insurance Report

Provide Suburban P.I. with the license number of the vehicle, the make and model of the vehicle, the owner’s name and address, and if the vehicle was involved in a traffic crash, a copy of the crash report and Suburban P.I. detectives will return a report identifying the insurance carrier and policy limits.

 Financial Privacy Rules & Regulations

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