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Detective Yahnke was a law enforcement firearms and defensive tactics instructor for 20 years and taught hundreds of police officers to be legally, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepared to overcome resistance or to defend a life. Detective Yahnke is licensed by the State of Illinois as a Firearms Instructor to teach the State mandated Firearms Control Card course for armed security and private detectives.

 To see if you require training to be licensed by the State of Illinois to carry a firearm, go to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations web page, then contact Suburban P.I. for details.

 Detective Yahnke is also a life member of the National Rifle Association and is trained, certified, and recognized as an N.R.A. Firearms Instructor.

Suburban P.I. Instructors are  is recognized by the State of Illinois in the following areas:


Commercial Security Operations (meets F.C.C. requirements)

This 48-hr. course meets all of the standards set by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations regarding the issuance of a Permanent Employee Registration Card (P.E.R.C.) and/or a Firearms Control Card (F.C.C.) for armed Security professionals or Private Detectives. Please call our office if you have training needs with which Suburban P.I. may be able to help.

Classes offered at Waubonsee Community College by Steve Yahnke.

Firearms Training

Revolver, semi-automatic pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, semi-automatic rifle — Suburban P.I. can meet your training needs. We can train on an individual basis, or we can train your entire staff. Call our office for further details.

Defensive Tactics

Suburban P.I. teaches the proven and certified Pressure Point Control Tactics (P.P.C.T.). This simple but affective system tilizes the most vulnerable areas of the human anatomy. This is NOT martial arts training, rather P.P.C.T. research has proven that the more simple the instruction, the better the results.

 Suburban P.I. can teach you how and where to strike an aggressor to create a "motor dysfunction" thus allowing you to gain control of the situation. This 24-hour course also includes handcuffing techniques, baton training, and joint manipulation. Please call our office for scheduling information and pricing.

Building Search Tactics

Whether in a warehouse or your home, if you find it necessary to conduct a search for a potential or known intruder, there are techniques you can learn to help manage risk and minimize yourexposure. Suburban P.I. instructors are certified by the State of Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, and can train you to conduct a building search either alone or as a team. Please call our office for scheduling and fee information.

Rappelling as a Team Building Exercise

Rappelling is a safe and affective way to build relationships on a team, whether your team is a corporate sales team or a S.W.A.T. team. Suburban P.I. instructors have taught rappelling to the local law enforcement community, U.S. Marshals (Chicago Office), as a Community College class, and as a corporate team building exercise.

Suburban P.I. will supply all of your equipment in this 12-hr.experience. Please call our office for pricing and scheduling information.

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