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Crime-Free Tenant Check — Check your Tenant for $35

Local and National Sex Offender Registration
Local and National Criminal Felony Convictions
Outstanding Felony Warrants
(not all warrants are listed in the available database)
Local and Illinois Eviction History

 Tenant Checks (samples only):  (drop the sample reports from the web site)

Sample Tenant Check 2012 with CR-BK-EV
Sample Tenant Check 2012 with Sex Offender

 Suburban P.I. will need the tenant's full name, date of birth, and Social Security Number (Tax I.D.) or the subject's address history for the past 12 months.

 Full credit report and score available separately. $40 per Credit Bureau. Call for details. [VISA / M.C. / Discover Accepted]

Criminal Records Coverage

City of Aurora Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

Landlord Notices (samples only)

These reports are only examples of Landlord Notices. Suburban P.I. Inc. encourages all landlords to consult with a property attorney or professional prior to using any of these sample notices.

Sample 5-Day Notice Pursuant to 735-ILCS-5-9-120
Sample 5-Day Notice for Non-Payment
Sample 10-Day Notice for Other than Non-Payment
Sample 30-Day Notice for Breaking Month-to-Month Lease

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