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The SKIP TRACE REPORT delivers up-to-date name and address information to help you confirm applicant information or detect potential fraudulent activity associated with a search subject. This is a national report which consists of data from credit header files, the national change of address database, telephone directories, and proprietary databases which are continuously updated.

 The search can return Name, Age, DOB, SSN, Current Address, Phone, Historical Addresses, Aliases, E-Mail Address, Address Reported Dates and Risk Indicator Flags for possible Arrests, Bankruptcies, Criminal Records, Deceased Records, Evictions, High Risk Addresses, Professional Licenses, and Wants and Warrants.

 Suburban P.I. detectives can conduct this investigation with as little as a name and past address, however, the more information you can provide on the search subject the more likely our success. (Some critical identifiers may be intentionally omitted from your report to avoid identity theft issues)

Key Benefits

Warnings of potential fraudulent activity associated with SSN
Aliases, maiden and misspelled names, or names of subjects who have changed their identity
check3Identifying information on different subjects associated with the same SSN
check3Ability to locate the latest address information on your subject
check3Improved collections and recovery efforts with current address
check3Information on your accounts
check3Information on inconsistencies on subject-supplied information to assist in fraud detection
check3Length of time at residences (if available)
check3Notification of deceased social security number
check3Notification of valid or invalid social security number
check3Phone numbers at address if available
check3Approximate date of SSN Issuance
check3SSN State of Issue
check3Date of Birth (if available)

Coverage for this search is nationwide.

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